The TOP 10 FINDINGS of the 2015 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey

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  • The key practice most designers are NOT engaging in, and what this is costing them in terms of work-life balance, income, and productivity.
  • The surprising percentage most interior designers are actually billing for the time they work.
  • The one topic more than half of interior design firm owners want to better understand.
  • How many designers are getting leads from the major social media channels (if you’re using social media for marketing purposes, you’ll definitely want to read this).
  • And more.

This resource is essential for you if you are an interior design professional and you want to spend more time designing and less time on the business details, while earning significantly more money and having significantly more fun!

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The 2015 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey Results Infographic and accompanying bonus articles are packed full of information you can use right away to begin building a passion-filled, profitable interior design business you love. It’s based on current data, relevant information and the most up-to-date, real-world experiences of you and your colleagues.

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