Finally: Discover the Truth About Earning a Higher Income, More Easily, by Attracting More Affluent Clients

You CAN charge higher fees, with confidence—and have your clients happily pay them—when you avoid common mistakes. We’ll show you how.

Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting Presents … A Complimentary Resource

Download the Interior Design Checklist: Avoid Fee Mistakes and discover:

  • One specific choice many designers often make that keeps them stuck, financially, and sets them up to be devalued, earn less, and lose money.
  • Why it doesn’t matter what your competitors charge, and what you should base your rates on, instead.
  • The fee/charging model that may cause your clients to question your professionalism, and how to charge, instead.
  • Common “culprits” for earning less than six figures in your business.
  • And more.

This checklist is essential for you if you’re an interior design professional who wants to FINALLY earn more money, with confidence.

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Proven to be a necessary knowledge for designers!

“DSU’s Value Based Fees program completely changed my business AND my mindset for almost 3 years now!  I had been charging flat fees for some time, but many would turn into, ‘indentured servant’ situations with clients who just couldn’t understand what I’d done for them.  Now, my projects are profitable and my clients are VERY pleased to know what ‘it’ will cost prior to starting. Gail is so very generous with her time, advice and expertise. She gives her students the confidence to value their own skills and intellectual property – and as a result, the ‘A’ clients also value and pay for that time. In a recent conversation with Gail, she told me to double what I charge for a first appointment …and she is 100% correct…I will save a new client AT LEAST that fee in one visit.”

~ Amy Wolff

Information available on how designers charge

“On larger projects that require more than 4 or 5 hours of time, I usually present a ‘Value Based Fee’ proposal, providing different levels of investment & service. These generally coincide with the different phases of the job. It seems to work very well as everyone knows the expectations going in.  I give full credit to Design Success U for this. I love it! As far as an hourly rate goes – Gail also has a very enlightened way of looking at that. I have yet to hit my goals but, I have raised my rates when I wasn’t making ends meet.”

~ Sheri Kaz, Sheri Kaz Designs


This program is fabulous!

“The Value Based Fees (system) is fabulous! I have implemented—in the three months, I went from (being) by myself, then I hired an office assistant and in the months after that, I hired an interior designer. I have seen my sales increased tremendously with all the information. I highly recommend it. I’m very happy to have it.”

~ Gisela LaPorta , LaPorta Studio