Everything You Need To Infuse Your Interior Design Business With Passion And Profits In 2014: The 2014 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey Results eBook Is Here!

If you’re an Interior Design professional and you want to spend more time designing (and less time on business details), WHILE earning SIGNIFICANTLY more money, this is for you …

Fee & Salary Survey eBook

Many thanks to those who participated
in the 2013 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey!

Based on your feedback, we imagine some of the following rings true:

  • You’re frustrated. Working as an interior designer hasn’t turned out like you imagined it would … despite all your hard work, you struggle to find clients and earn a good living.
  • You’re exhausted. Constantly focusing on finding more clients, trying to figure out how to charge, and haggling over your rates is taking away from DESIGN – the real reason you got into this business.
  • You’re earning less than you’d like. To make matters worse, with the rising popularity of DIY home decorating shows, you’re starting to wonder if interior design is a dying profession.
  • You’re at a loss. You don’t know what to do to find clients you enjoy working with, and who are willing to pay you the fees you deserve. You aren’t sure how to turn your passion into a profitable business.

If any of this sounds familiar, I have good news: you’re in the right place, right now.

We’ve just compiled the results of the Design Success University 2013 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey, and published it in our 2014 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey eBook … just in time for you to create your passion- and profit-driven course of action for 2014.

This book offers up-to-the minute tools, advice, and strategies based on what is working NOW in the industry. In addition, it reveals information about what you and your colleagues are concerned about, how much you’re earning, and how business is going.

The result: you have at your fingertips precisely what you need to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t – and earn more money.

Why did we create this book?

At Design Success University, it’s our mission to help interior design professionals turn their passions into profitable businesses. To that end, our annual survey looks for relationships between what the most financially successful interior designers and firms do, versus what those who struggle do.

The goal: to share the strategies, tools, and techniques that lead to success – so you can model your own business accordingly.

Of course, we’re huge proponents of running your business in a way that works for you – from size to client list to time spent working. At the same time, though, we believe that learning by observing saves a lot of time, stress and heartache.

Let us be your interior design business “big sisters” – learn from us!
As you probably know, we’re Gail Doby and Erin Weir, co-founders of Design Success University.

From Gail:

I have a finance and banking degree, and more than 20 years’ experience running a firm specializing in high-end residential remodeling and construction design. At my company’s peak, we had a team of 8 and we reached close to $900,000 in revenue in 2000.

I’ve spent HOURS – investing more than $100,000 in time – researching what makes a design business successful. To deepen and update that knowledge each year, DSU puts out a survey asking interior design professionals what’s working and what isn’t.
Once we compile the results, we create REAL, fresh advice for YOU, based on what’s happening NOW.


The 2014 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey eBook is the final product – and here’s just a taste of what you learn when you get your free copy:

  • 2 underutilized skills in the interior design profession – and why you should sharpen these skills immediately if you want to grow your business
  • How some interior designers experienced their best year ever in 2012 – and how you can duplicate their results
  • The staggering percentage of interior designers who feel somewhat or greatly underpaid for the amount of work they do – and what you can do about it if you’re among them
  • And so much more

The 2014 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey eBook is packed full of information you can use right away to begin building a passion-filled, profitable interior design business you love. It’s based on current data, relevant information, and the most up-to-date, real-world experiences of you and your colleagues.

If you’ve ever joined us for a course, call, or presentation, you know we always over-deliver – and we’re confident you’re going to love what you learn in the 2014 Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey eBook.

Remember, it’s absolutely free – all you have to do is enter your name and email address below and we’ll send you instructions for downloading your copy.

Gail Doby, ASID, DSA, IDS and Erin Weir
Interior Design Business Success Mentors
& Co-Founders of Design Success University
Gail Doby & Erin Weir